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Collection of simple Type 1 font manipulation programs
The t1utils tools allow you to convert between PFA (ASCII) and PFB
(binary) formats; disassemble PFA or PFB files into human-readable
form; and reassemble the human-readable files into PFA or PFB format
files. You can also extract font resources from a Macintosh font
file (ATM/Laserwriter), or create a Macintosh Type 1 font file from a
PFA or PFB font.
There are currently six programs:
t1ascii Converts PFB files to PFA format.
t1binary Converts PFA files to PFB format.
t1disasm Disassembles a Type 1 font (PFA or PFB format) into a raw,
human-readable text form for subsequent hand editing,
tweaking, hint fixing, etcetera...
t1asm Assembles a Type 1 font into PFA or PFB format from
the human-readable form produced by t1disasm.
t1unmac Extracts POST resources from a Macintosh Type 1 font file
(ATM/Laserwriter) into PFA or PFB format for use outside
the Macintosh environment. The Macintosh file should be
stored in MacBinary, AppleSingle, AppleDouble, or BinHex
format, or as a raw resource fork. Note that t1unmac does
not have to run on a Macintosh, but makes Macintosh Type 1
fonts available for use on Unix machines and PCs.
t1mac Creates a Macintosh Type 1 file from a PFA- or PFB-format
Type 1 font. Writes the Macintosh file in MacBinary,
AppleSingle, AppleDouble, or BinHex format, or as a raw
resource fork. WARNING: This tool will not suffice to
allow you to use the new font on a Macintosh, as
Macintoshes cannot read raw Type 1 fonts. You will need
to create a font suitcase containing bitmap fonts. If you
do not already have such a suitcase for the font, T1utils
will not help you create one.
This version of the t1utils programs has been maintained by Eddie
Kohler since version 1.5, based on the
original code by I. Lee Hetherington. As such, it is a complete
replacement for the t1utils Debian package, which is based on version
1.2 of I. Lee Hetherington's code.
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