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Clp_ParserState* Clp_NewParserState ( void   ) 

Create a new Clp_ParserState.

the parser state
A Clp_ParserState object can store a parsing state of a Clp_Parser object. This state specifies exactly how far the Clp_Parser has gotten in parsing an argument list. The Clp_SaveParser() and Clp_RestoreParser() functions can be used to save this state and then restore it later, allowing a Clp_Parser to switch among argument lists.

The initial state is empty, in that after Clp_RestoreParser(clp, state), Clp_Next(clp) would return Clp_Done.

Parser states can be saved and restored among different parser objects.

See also:
Clp_DeleteParserState, Clp_SaveParser, Clp_RestoreParser

Definition at line 1415 of file clp.c.

    Clp_ParserState *state = (Clp_ParserState *)malloc(sizeof(Clp_ParserState));
    if (state) {
      state->argv = 0;
      state->argc = 0;
      state->option_chars[0] = 0;
      state->xtext = 0;
      state->option_processing = 0;
      state->opt_generation = 0;
      state->current_option = -1;
      state->is_short = 0;
      state->whole_negated = 0;
      state->current_short = 0;
      state->negated_by_no = 0;
    return state;

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