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int Clp_OptionChar ( Clp_Parser clp,
int  c 

Return clp's treatment of character c.

clp the parser
c character
option character treatment
Returns an integer specifying how CLP treats arguments that begin with character c. See Clp_SetOptionChar for possibilities.

Definition at line 621 of file clp.c.

References Clp_Parser::internal.

    Clp_Internal *cli = clp->internal;
    int i, oclass = 0;
    if (cli->noclass > 0 && cli->oclass[0].c == 0)
      oclass = cli->oclass[0].type;
    for (i = 0; i < cli->noclass; ++i)
      if (cli->oclass[i].c == c)
          oclass = cli->oclass[i].type;
    return oclass;

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